Individuals’ Personal Attitudes off Thoughts Across Countries

Kenichi Ito

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Confident feelings are pertaining to multiple advantages, yet not folk values the same types of positive mental enjoy. I see just how collection of confident emotions is actually seen and if or not individuals’ attitudes was pertaining to just how societies view those people thoughts. Users from Hong kong and Netherlands ranked 23 positive emotions depending on the private attitudes (positivity, stimulation, and you will socially interesting) and you may personal reviews (suitable, respected, and you can accepted out-of). We learned that (1) there were social variations in judgments in the all half a dozen aspects of self-confident ideas; (2) positivity, stimulation, and you may public engagement forecast attitude are absolutely regarded on public top both in countries; and you may (3) you to definitely positivity mattered significantly more into the Dutch people, even in the event pleasure and you will personal involvement mattered alot more into the Hong kong to own social studies. These conclusions render an effective granular map of your own impression and investigations out-of distinctive line of positive ideas in two cultures and highlight the newest role out-of societies regarding understanding how confident attitude was understood and analyzed.


We statement getting some delighted quite often (Diener and you will Diener, 1996), and confident emotional experience are important because of they enjoy an excellent trick part inside really-being and wellness (Bastian et al., 2014). Although not, not every person appreciates a similar categories of confident mental feel. Along with, nothing is known regarding how some one perceive and you will examine particular positive thinking eg contentment, recovery, pleasure, and you may gratitude.

Usually, feelings is reviewed into the at the least four membership: individual, dyads, class, and people (Keltner and you will Haidt, 1999). In the modern really works, i concentrate on the impact of thoughts during the individual level with regards to positivity, pleasure, and you will public wedding additionally the evaluation of thinking in the this new public height in terms of whether or not they was respected, recognized regarding, and you can considered appropriate; we along with looked at how judgments over the several account interact with each other. Especially, today’s investigation examined brand new attitudes and studies out-of 23 additional self-confident thinking across a couple of cultural contexts: Hong-kong and you can Netherlands.

Culture are an effective socially transmitted constellation off techniques, icons, and you may opinions you to contour exactly how some body imagine, become, and you may act (). A major huge difference is present ranging from individualistic and you may collectivistic societies. When you look at the individualistic countries, such as for instance North america and you will Western Europe, ideas in accordance with independence, plus individual conclusion and you will mission pursuit, tend to be emphasized. Having said that, within the collectivistic societies, eg within the East Asia, facts targeting public balance and you can interdependence was highly regarded (an effective, 1991). This type of variations in social viewpoints affect how some one perceive ideas inside terms of various features, such positivity, stimulation, and societal wedding.

Positivity ‘s the inherent appeal or pleasure associated with the a conference, object, otherwise problem (Frijda, 1986). Anybody essentially like positive emotions more than negative ones no matter cultural records (Larsen, 2000). Yet not, self-confident ideas be trendy in Western societies than in East Western countries (Eid and you may Diener, 2001), as well as how confident thoughts have emerged also depends on society. Such as, when asked to describe top features of confident thinking, Americans primarily concentrate on the strengths, and you will Japanese people are very likely to mention down sides just like the really (Uchida and you will Kitayama, 2009). For this reason, even if the majority of people of one another Western and you will Eastern Far-eastern communities for example self-confident ideas, they might discover positivity out-of additional basics. To date, merely some particular positive emotions was in fact tested inside the terms of positivity perception (Character and you can Kashdan, 2012; Miyamoto mais aussi al., 2014). Hence, absolutely nothing is well known about the wider range of positive emotions one to have become checked out on the search literary works. In the modern investigation, i found to test and you will evaluate perceptions out-of positivity out of 23 some other confident attitude around the a couple of cultures.

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