One of many easier kamasutra sexual ranks, this lady depends on this lady straight back with her ft about air

Their bottom has to be at the side of this new sleep along with her base must be entered. The person really stands facing the woman and you can keeps to their base when you find yourself the guy penetrates the woman.

64. The fresh Ape

The person depends on their back and provides his legs upwards so you can their tits. This lady lies down on the lady spouse facing of him as he rests his feet on her behalf as well as penetrates the girl. Her uses her ft so you can balance and you may control the action.

65. New Reclining Lotus

Which position needs a great deal of flexibility about woman, just who lays on her straight back with her ft crossed.

66. Wide-opened

The girl lays for her back with a pillow below this lady head. The guy kneels anywhere between their ft and you can glides their legs lower than the woman back once again to raise the lady hips when he enters the lady.

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67. New Peg

The guy lies on his right back with his legs stretched-out and you will parted. The lady depends on greatest off your along with her ft signed and extended.

This is an excellent sex status to have well-endowed lovers given that the man are unable to infiltrate also profoundly, just like the woman’s foot is actually signed. Including best for intimacy while face-to-face.

68. Indrani

Her depends on the girl back which have a pillow below this lady direct. She pulls the girl legs around the woman chest due to the fact kid slides ranging from their ft. The girl keeps the girl hands free to get the man on the the woman and you may handle entrance.

69. Suspended Congress

The man leans up against a wall structure if you find yourself training their away from the ground and support the woman with his hands significantly less than her base. The woman is also grip the fresh new mans hips along with her feet.

70. Brand new Frozen Scissors

The girl lies directly on the edge of the fresh new bed with merely the girl base touching brand new bed mattress for help. She upcoming stability on the floor together with her leftover sleeve. The guy stands astride the girl left feet and you can raises the woman best feet together with give.

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71. The fresh new Propeller

This one however would not work with men and women. Actually it can merely work if for example the man is extremely well endowed.

Their lays apartment for her straight back with her foot closed. The person depends on best of her up against the opposite advice. Once within her he is able to slower disperse his hips inside the a good circular activity.

72. The new Susceptible Tiger

The person lies on the sleep with his legs stretched out facing him. The girl lays on her behalf front, pieces her foot and reduced backs to your your, decreasing by herself on to their knob. The girl legs will likely be extended behind the guy.

73 New Crisscross

This lady lies on her behalf side against out of the boy with her feet some parted. The person in addition to lays to your their top, but at a right angle towards the lady, and you will slides between the girl legs to get in the lady.

74. Brand new Sensual V

Her sits into edge of a table in addition to guy really stands before their. Their should elevator their foot up and you may other individuals the back of the girl knee joints for the mans arms. She can plus wrap their fingers to his shoulder for help, as he can be traction their base to greatly help manage new motion.

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