I, too, was <a href="https://besthookupwebsites.org/secretbenefits-review/">http://besthookupwebsites.org/secretbenefits-review</a> disappointed and enraged by the lack of response by the other characters

Jake Borelli is the only thing keeping me engaged in the storyline at the moment–he killed his scene at the M&M.

Richard needed to hear what she had to say, and so did Bailey

I did not predict him dumping Nico and potentially dropping out of his residency, although I get why he did it.

I’ve never been a big Nico and Levi fan, and I liked him more with Vaccine Guy, so if he makes a comeback in all of this, I’d be happy. I don’t think he’s going to drop out of his residency permanently, but I do think it will take a while before he’s ready to come back.

Bailey and Richard’s behavior made no sense to me in this episode. Bailey suffers from OCD due to a similar incident, and of all people, she should know what Levi is going through. Richard has taught hundreds of future surgeons, if not more in his career, and he should have been a shoulder for Levi to cry or lean on for support.

Instead, it felt like they were punishing him by making him do the M&M when he wasn’t well enough to do it and should have been admitted to Psych.

Did the M&M go the way you expected? What are your thoughts on them nixing the Webber Method and the tension between Webber and Bailey and Maggie?

Meaghan: As far as Levi’s portion, it absolutely went as I expected. The man isn’t coping well with what happened, and forcing him to relive it was a recipe for disaster.

However, I didn’t expect Maggie to take a stand against Richard like that. I was completely caught off guard in the best possible way.

While the theory behind the Webber Method is great, there is a reason that residency programs haven’t been run like that before now; the risks are just too high.

Joshua: As soon as Maggie said, «we have a meeting of the department heads when we pick a new kind of suture,» I was like. yeah, all of the department heads should be a part of this.

I thought that Dr. Lin also made a good point, that Webber’s own words were that the residents were attendings, and what would happen if something went awry before the moment where residents contacted the attendings.

I do think the Webber Method grew a little too quickly. As Maggie said, it’s something that should have been tested, studied, and altered before expansion.

The conversation that Bailey and Webber had was difficult to watch–both of them admitting fault, but neither of them having a full emotional resolution with each other.

Usually, by the time they get to the point where they’re admitting guilt, they’ve started to thaw out toward being friends again, and the fact that that didn’t happen in this episode was a little worrisome for me.

Jasmin: The M&M was a disaster, and I was not a fan. First off, it wasn’t even held in the right room. They should’ve held it in the big lecture hall where it’s usually held.

While I enjoyed the scene with Richard, Amelia, Maggie, and Meredith, I’m not a fan of the tension between Richard, Bailey, and Maggie over something that could have been easily fixed if they all just sat down and talked about it before a patient lost their life

Three, as Meaghan pointed out, neither Richard nor Bailey took any responsibility for what happened in the OR and what led to it.

I think nixing the Webber Method at this point is a good idea because it’s hard to come back from the unnecessary loss of a patient with an untested method.

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