However, many accuse the Taliban of hypocrisy regarding issue of homosexuality

a€?The Taliban got halekon , however they held it secret,a€? states one anti-Taliban leader, who’s rumored maintain two halekon. a€?They hid their own halekon in their madrasas,a€? or religious schools.

It isn’t simple to make homosexual affairs, the guy admits

It is not only religious regulators who explain homosexual sex as frequent among the Pashtuns.Dr. Mohammed Nasem Zafar, a teacher at Kandahar health college or university, estimates that about 50% regarding the city’s male citizens have sexual intercourse with boys or males at some stage in their unique physical lives. According to him the top era from which kids become attractive to guys was from 12 to 16a€“before her beards expand in. The teens often develop medical dilemmas, that he views in the exercise, like intimately transmitted diseases and sphincter incontinence. Up to now, the physician mentioned, HELPS will not be seemingly an issue in Afghanistan, most likely since the country is really so separated.

a€?Sometimes as soon as the halekon develop, the more mature guys in fact try to keep them within the families by marrying all of them off to her girl,a€? the doctor states. Zafar cites a nearby mullah whom the guy cination desk within the healthcare provider’s one-room clinic for sex with a younger people. a€?If this will be the mullah, exactly what do you say for others?a€? Zafar requires.

Richardson, the psychiatry teacher, says it would be wrong to phone Afghan guys homosexual, since their unique choice to possess gender with boys isn’t a reflection of what Westerners phone sex identity. As an alternative, the guy compares these to prison inmates: They’ve got intercourse with people mostly since they find themselves in a predicament in which the male is much more offered as intercourse associates than tend to be people. a€?It is one thing they do,a€? he notes, a€?not anything these include.a€?

Daud, the motorbike repairman, would agree that the segregation of females consist at the heart with the question. According to him 1st sexual experience with a man happened as he had been 20, concerning the opportunity the guy discovered which he might have difficulty marrying. In Pashtuns culture, the guy has got to purchase his wedding ceremony and also for merchandise and clothes when it comes to bride along with her family members. For all boys, the balance tops $5,000a€“such an exorbitant sum inside impoverished country that some men, including Daud, include dissuaded from even trying.

a€?I wish to see married, although economy within nation causes it to be hard,a€? Daud states. Daud discussed their love life best in personal and after being ensured that no photos could well be used.

Some interactions need a lot of money, some not really much

a€?i’ve connections with different boysa€“some for 6 months, some for example month. Some are with me for six ages,a€? he states. a€?The problem is furthermore cash. When you need to need a relationship with a boy, you must buy points for him. This is exactly why it isn’t bad for the child. Occasionally I fix a motorbike and provide they to him as a present-day.a€?

Residence is unthinkable. a€?If my dad are to obtain me personally, he would stop myself out of the house,a€? Daud states. a€?If you need to have sex, you need to come across a secret room. Some go right to the hills or perhaps the desert.a€?

Views differ about whether homosexual ways in Kandahar have become a lot more available or maybe more sealed because the Taliban got defeated. For-instance, after anti-Taliban causes found its way to the town at the beginning of December, some Westerners reported witnessing commanders going about community honestly using their halekon. But that features changed in present days since Kandahar’s latest governor, Gul Agha Shirzai, issued an order banning men under 18 from coping with soldiers. Formally, the ban aims at ending the practice of using kids as troops.

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