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She has shared her thoughts and feelings with you. She has shared her concerns that she is not happy with you. If she does so, then remember that there is a benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion with her. Best of luck, Pasquale!

For months my wife says she’s not happy and I’m boring and she doesn’t want to be with me anymore and there’s nothing else for her to say and I stress myself out over it I don’t complain I pay all of the bills she says I can’t do it on my own she always has to do it I mean I try and try I’m 13 hrs away from my family friends and kids I’m always sick and in the hospital I’ve never done my wife wrong and she wants a divorce I don’t kno what to do

Your wife has shared her thoughts and feelings with you. She has chosen to make a decision that may be perfect match reviews socially unacceptable. You are sick, and it would be better if she chose to support you. However, she has decided that she is no longer able to maintain a relationship with you. Allow your emotional energy to focus elsewhere. Have a great day, Thomas!

Travis,it sounds like there’s more to your story. If I were to guess, I’d say she’s possibly checked out of the marriage. I say this because it sounds a lot like me when I checked out. And, sadly, I’m still not fully checked back in. If she’s anything like the rest of us women, I’m assuming she probably tried to mend the crumbling marriage by talking/arguing with you about the needs she had and things she expected from the marriage. Remember this: when a woman stops bringing up issues within the marriage(even small ones), she’s given up and bad things are bound to happen, even if it takes years. I know I personally spent years asking my husband to listen to my concerns and fears for our future as a team. He didn’t until I was checked out, and now its boo-hoo my wife doesn’t love me and look at all the wonderful things I do for her. I Do love him,by the way, but it’s been a work in progress and we’re not where we need to be. Conversation is great one day and meh the next. Intimacy is the hardest because 90% of the time I feel violated when he tries to touch me more than a hug. Sad, right? I’ve gone to counseling alone to change how I see things, we’ve gone together, but now I think it’s time he shows he wants this and goes to therapy on his own. He hasn’t yet, which tells me he sees zero fault in his own actions(emotional and physical neglect) and, therefore, has zero plans to meet half way. Fun times, right?

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Please feel free to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Ambivalent!

She may be interested in ending this relationship

What if your wife tells you that you tell her you love her to much? And that theres no passion or any desire for sex after 30 years . i still wine and dine and bring her flowers as of we were newlyweds.

If she is not interested in maintaining a relationship with you, then speak directly and honestly with her about your thoughts and feelings

She has shared her thoughts and feelings with you. There is nothing wrong with loving your partner “too much”. This means that she has personal thoughts and feelings that she feels uncomfortable with. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Have a great day, Terry!

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