I wanted to meet Alison face-to-face, and Alison agreed to meet in a safe and open environment

What a thrill for me to actually be out in public talking with someone like me. We met in a park by the water of the bay. Both of us were dressed very casual in leggings/jeans, running shoes, light tops and carrying purses. A brief walk on a path, passing many people, and then sitting on a park bench. We talked for two hours, sharing a lot about each other. Alison was surprised that we had spent that long together.

We went our separate ways back home. It was then I realized we hadn’t taken a picture of ourselves. How frustrating! But pictures of each of us are shown here. My picture is a closeup selfie taken shortly after our meeting. The two pics of Alison are showing off a coloured skirt and a “rockabilly” swing dress she has just purchased.

I have friends over the internet, email and blogs, but nothing compares to sitting next to a friend and just talking. Thanks Alison, dear friend.

It was just before COVID changed everything. I was driving to Florida for two weeks to go golfing with relatives and then with friends. I initially believed all thoughts of being feminine would have to be abandoned for that time period. None of them know me as Jocelyn.

But then I realized I would have two days driving down and two days driving back when I could be en femme. With all the details of what 48 continuous hours would entail, I was both excited and scared. I finally decided to do it. Videos and blogs of crossdressers show confident women out and about, so I thought I could too.

I would go casual, with my leggings and a sweater or t-shirt, and minimal makeup. Before I left I purchased a pair of red US Keds ladies running shoes.

Unfortunately, going down I did not put on my wig. Leggings (shown in a previous post), a matching burgundy sweater, taupe pantyhose, the running shoes and panties and bralette. I used the family washrooms at the highway rest stops. I’m not sure how people “took me” at restaurants, gas stations and motels.

But, two weeks later on my trip back to Ontario, I put on makeup, wig, teal coloured t-shirt, leggings, running shoes, panties and bralette. It was obvious I was looking womanly. I used the women’s washroom at the highway rest stops. I was a little nervous the first time, and the other women didn’t notice, or look, or say anything. I felt wonderful just being one of the gals in the ladies washroom. There were no issues checking into motels. I was just considered another person. The whole trip back I was just viewed as another “senior” woman

At the fast food restaurants I was called ma’am, and at the gas stations the attendants seemed more friendly towards me

Of course I don’t know what some people thought, if anything, but no one made comments to my face or behind my back. I was Jocelyn, and made to feel feminine. What a marvelous time. I’m glad I did it. I think my casual attire made me look like a regular tourist.

I received this in the form of an e-mail and I thought it was the best way to present this (with www.hookupdate.net/freehookupsearch-review/ Jocelyn’s permission).

Alison and I acknowledge how wonderful it was to get together and we plan on doing it again soon

Kandi, I don’t know why, but getting the chance to communicate with you makes me feel very happy and comfortable. So, here is what has happened these last two days. (It pleases me more that you know.)

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