They take their hookups seriously, so you should as well

Simple, Yet Slick Design

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The UberHorny site has been designed to show you as many options as you need, right on the homepage. You’ll have an active feed on the right side so you can follow along checking out people you’ve never met post new photos or write about themselves. All those people you’ve tagged as friends, you’ll see their updates front and center too.

Instant Message Girls

You’ll also have access to an instant messenger. This helps you quickly connect when people are online and ready to talk. The profiles on your feed will have little icons that let you know who’s live on-site or app and who’s not. Basically, the days of pulling your pud are over. You’ll never find yourself sitting around and waiting for a response from someone who hasn’t logged in for months. When time is of the essence, Uberhorny has your back.

Joining The Site

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The sign-up process is really simple and designed to get you registered faster than you can imagine. Take a look at the homepage above and you’ll quickly see what I’m about to refer to. All you have to do is select your gender and who you’re looking for, and that’s about it.

In the beginning, you’ll just want to go through the motions to get set up and upgraded to premium status. There’s no need to upload a picture until you decide that you’re ready to have at it. While you won’t get as many messages without having a slick pic and bio posted, you can still see how everything works and decide if it’s a good fit for you.

The Verdict Winner

There’s no doubt about it, Uberhorny works like a charm. This site delivers and it does so each and every time. Is it the best? I’d toss it up there within the top 10 category for sure.

All you really have to do is make a profile to see how well this works. You’ll start getting messages as soon as you log in for the first time and the video to video chat will keep you entertained. The people here at U.H. are always willing to talk and always excited to meet up.

If you’re really interested in meeting up with someone, then this site is a must. You may find networks that are just as effective, but this one is worth trying. If you want to meet up with a new friend for the night then try this out. No one wants to waste their time here, so go in with everything that you’ve got.

Interested in learning about a couple of other top-notch dating sites that work? GREAT, then check out Snapsext and the one mentioned above. Both are the bees knees.

Tom Savage

Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In his own words he is «part day trader, part pick up artist, part journalist.» His content is a special guest contribution exclusive to TMB.

I’m been known to dabble in just about anything when it comes to casual dating sites. Seriously, they don’t call me Tom Savage for anything! Well, it’s my last name but I’m savage AF when it comes lovestruck to slaying booty I meet online. I came across some geolocation based site called Uberhorny and it made me do a double take.

Seriously, I said under my breath, I MUST try this! Therefore I did. I went above and beyond most, sharing the details of things that only a hookup fiend such as myself would share. Here are all the good and bad things that you need to know about this dating network.

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