step 10 how to become a much better cougar hunter

Oregon’s population of approximately six,000 cougars occupies a multitude of environment across the state, providing annually-round, readily-obtainable bing search chance.

Their nocturnal models and you may stealthy profile generate cougars a challenging larger online game animal so you’re able to see. ODFW creatures professional Scott Napoli throughout the White River Animals City and you can biologist Herman Biederbeck in the north Shore promote these suggestions to help you gather a great deal more cougars.


Ditch brand new calendar. Winter months, immediately following other large online game 12 months possess closed, is an excellent time for you to search cougar. Moist, snowy surface can make it simpler to tune cougar. As well as deer and you can elk beginning to concentrate from inside the all the way down level elements, are significant places to help you eager cougars.



Arranged trail webcams into the ridgelines and game trails observe what’s happening when you find yourself maybe not indeed there. In addition to this, manage canyon components, where kitties would you like to waste time.


Fool around with some really good calls. Predator getting in touch with is best choice for targeting cougars being successful. But anticipate to put money into a call. Consider both the source of the audio he or she is tape and you will the quality of brand new electronic playback.

You should never neglect having fun with pet phone calls. Cougars have become territorial as they are planning browse the the fresh new voice of some other cat inside their area.


Telephone call long and hard. Phone call stretched getting pets – 45 times from continuing getting in touch with or more. Twenty minutes out of contacting on occasion can get work with particular predators including coyote, however it is maybe not how to call cougar.


Call safely. Cats are silent and you will stealthy – you don’t wish one to creeping upon you when you are calling. Here’s a few out-of techniques to stay safe.


Envision a moving . Lay one up and start calling at the a kill web site otherwise canyon access to check out to have cougar.



Prepare yourself, even although you commonly always cougar browse. Most cougars are seen and you can taken by the deer and you can elk candidates. Possess a beneficial cougar tag with so you might make use whenever a great cougar opportunity towards the top of.


Imagine cougar for supper. The majority of people don’t know how well cougar beef shall be, so it’s well worth taking particular right back strap domestic and you can giving it a go. (Regardless if you are not lawfully expected to escort girls in Midland salvage cougar meat.)

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