Previous study together with impact on Student Finance England funding

The info with this page pertains to undergraduate students starting their degree course in 2020 only september.

Study on an earlier advanced schooling course will affect your entitlement to get Student Finance England funding for a course that is new.

In the event that you studied on a full-time advanced schooling course in the past, even for just one day, but would not obtain any qualification, this previous study wil dramatically reduce your entitlement to receive a Student Finance England Tuition Fee Loan for a brand new full-time course.

If you studied on a full-time advanced schooling course in the past and obtained an increased education qualification below Honours degree level such as for example a typical degree, HND or HNC and also this reduces the sheer number of years you can easily have the Student Finance England Tuition Fee Loan for the new full-time course. This applies whether you studied the program on a full-time or a basis that is part-time.

You will not be eligible for any Student Finance England Tuition Fee Loan or Maintenance Loan for the whole of your new course if you already hold a qualification that is equivalent to a UK Honours degree or higher.

An exception is in location for MArch RIBA Pt II Architecture students – in the event that you studied full-time and received SFE funding for the undergraduate course and undertook a year of work experience before continuing onto MArch, you ought to be entitled to SFE funding for MArch. If you studied your degree that is undergraduate part-time took more than a year out between completing your undergraduate degree and starting MArch Riba Pt II, contact Student Advice to check on your funding entitlement.

SFE funding entitlement if you already hold a UK Honours degree or a higher level qualification (eg a Masters degree) or an equivalent qualification that is overseas

As a whole, you intend to study if you already hold an equivalent or higher qualification than the one:

This is certainly a basic summary of your SFE funding that is possible eligibility.

These rules apply even although you failed to get any SFE funding for the previous course. They also apply unless you can show that the qualification you achieved is not equivalent to a UK Honours degree if you studied at an overseas institution. You’ll need to contact the National Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC) for verification of the UK equivalence of one’s qualification that is overseas and this to Student Finance England for consideration.

Please be aware: the rules are complicated and this info is a summary that is basic. For individual advice please Contact student advice.

SFE funding entitlement for students with previous study on an advanced schooling course in the united kingdom or abroad, which was not completed or a qualification lower than a UK Honours degree was achieved

SFE provide funding for the conventional length of a training course plus one extra year. For example, a three-year degree course would attract four years of funding. The year that is additional known as a “gift year”.

Previous study on a part-time degree level course will not count and won’t reduce your funding entitlement for a full-time course.

However, in the event that you’ve studied on a full-time higher education course in past times, the sheer number of years (or part-years) you attended reduces the number of years of funding accessible to you for your new course. This applies regardless of if your study was outside the UK.

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