I talked dirty to him, telling him how good his cock felt and how I loved to get fucked

At this point I was pumping my wife furiously, thinking how some young guy had just been in her pussy less than two days before. “We talked for about fifteen minutes, then I told him I wanted his hard cock buried inside me again. It wasn’t long before I had another condom on him and he was again on top of me, pumping my pussy furiously! He moaned a lot and I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts. I wanted to be his best fuck ever. He came after about three minutes and we were both wiped out. We talked a little longer then he said he had to go. He said he had a big date with his girlfriend, and she never put out. I told him he was lucky he already got some ass today then, so he wouldn’t be so frustrated tonight! I had to masturbate three more times that evening thinking about him fucking me and how I was going to tell you.”

Sometime during this I shot my load deep inside my wife. I must have cum three times as much as usual since she had made me so horny. But afterward I wondered, could she have faked it? I quit wondering when Melanie got up and opened her drawer again. She pulled out a ziploc bag and handed it to me. In it were two cum-soaked condoms. I opened the bag and the smell of cum was quite powerful. My wife had done it. She had fucked muzmatch hesap silme another man while I was out of town. My dick was instantly hard again. Melanie said her pussy was a little sore from the long fucking I just gave her, so she had me lay back and began to stroke my cock while I sucked her nipples, just like he had done. I made her tell me the story two more times while she jerked me to cumming twice more before I let her go to bed.

Beyond You & Me

Beyond You & Me is a novel based on a journal loaned to me by the “real” Cassie DiMarco. While her life has turned out very well, she remembers what it was like to be 24, female and stuck in a dead-end job, tempted by the hedonistic promises of the Sexual Revolution. I persuaded her to let me turn her journal into a novel, one that brings to life a timeless– and timely story. Timeless because we’ve all felt the tug of temptation. Timely, because the president of Harvard recently asked whether women are inferior to men in math and science.

It’s sexy and even explicit in parts because it was a journal that was never intended to see the light of day

But at its most basic, Beyond You & Me is a love story about a married woman who must balance two men in her life. My goal in putting parts of it up on the Web is to convince the agents and editors there is a market for a book this unusual. It’s not at all superficial “chick lit,” nor erotica, nor ancient social history. It’s a damned good story about a young woman whose adventures allow her to emerge on the other side of an emotional ordeal whole, confident and, most importantly, herself.

I invite those reading this to sample the prose, make comments, link up and most importantly, tell their friends. New additions are made every week or so. Check back and have fun with this remarkable woman. And while I encourage everyone to refer friends with the referral feature, please remember the materials on the site are copyrighted and may not be re-published without the author’s permission, including the photographs.

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