Exactly what do I Want To Understand Age Permission?

In Canada, the essential age of consent for sexual activity try 16 yrs old, but you will find exceptions for this rule for folks who is close in age as well as those people who are in an union of confidence, addiction and/or authority.

This page explains the details old of consent as well as the conditions.

Note: the details below is not supposed to be legal advice. If you want info or information, communications appropriate Aid Ontario [back link] (1-800-668-8258).

What exactly is permission?

What does the age of consent suggest?

What does sexual activity imply?

Are there any exclusions to the ages of consent?

How old can my personal sexual mate getting?

Exactly how young can my sexual companion become?

Helpful Tip
It try against the law for sexual intercourse with a person who try beneath the age of 18 in case you are able of electricity, rely on, or authority.

What kind of individual is actually a position of rely on, dependency, & power?

Exactly what do i really do if I are in an abusive situation or I’m sure an individual who might?

Where may I find out more information?

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